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Home page and Introduction page have had major revisions.

The most important change is adding a little content about predictability (notably for predicting the outcomes of schedules) under epistemic uncertainty, using mathematical theories of evidence, such as Dempster-Shafer theory. I previously felt that was too technical for the Preview but it is so important, I decided to add something about it. I will add more on that topic to Preview Chapter 3 soon.

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Citations will be added to this preview.

I will focus on in-line URLs for free web pages and documents, such as pages at Wikipedia, arXiv, Stack Exchange, You Tube, Quora, Research Gate, and academic ones.

The book will minimize the number of those. It will have a References section with mostly conventional academic publication style citations to commercially published books, journal papers, and conference proceedings papers.

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The Purposes of This Blog About the Book

I have three purposes for this blog about the content of this site: 1. To point out when and where significant site content changes are, given that I don’t have change bars; 2. To add elucidating commentary about the site content, especially with relationship to publications about the traditional narrow dogma of real-time computing; and 3. To provide for interaction with site readers.

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